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In a perfect world, my bio would read:
An only child, I was born to wealthy parents. Have a film degree from UCLA. Took two years off to travel the world and augment my knowledge so that I could write from first-hand experience. Aunt Sofia got me a job as an intern with her successful production company. Today, I have more writing credits than Trump has assets. The rest is history.

In the real world:
An only child, I was born to blue-collar immigrants. Got a film degree from York. Took jobs in and outside the film industry to pay bills. Started writing. Took jobs teaching ESL and training and editing in the aerospace realm. Continued writing. Acquired my knowledge from books and the Internet. Bloomed [very] late in life. Finally woke up and smelled the coffee. Smelled the roses, too. The rest is history.

As someone who’s enjoyed anonymity and held an aversion to networking, I'm going to open up. I’m:
 not a gum-snapper, as a former colleague used to describe herself.
 into Earth Mother.
 a reader of Women’s World, a weekly wholesome and sweet sort of mag that satisfies like gooey mac and cheese, gravy-laden French fries (with vinegar, of course), or oozy thick-crusted pizza.
 still trying to figure out Twitter and Facebook.

Me ke aloha.


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